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Disinformation, Misinformation And Politics As Usual

{OWHNI = Or Whatever His Name Is} I got one of those email forwards that would be exciting if it were true.  But alas, it was nothing more than a hoax — one that’s been making the rounds for a … Continue reading

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Negative Arab Images

July’s “Images in Film” series, aired on Turner Classic Movies, has been “Race & Hollywood: Arab Images In Film”. Co-hosting with Robert Osborne for this series was Dr. Jack Shaheen, Professor Emeritus of Mass Communication at Southern Illinois University, who … Continue reading

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Check Your Facts. Check Your Sources.

Very few people question what they are told, at least what they are told by those who are supposed to know, those in authority, or who have credentials or credibility, those who are a trusted source of information.  CNN is that … Continue reading

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Media “Bias”

This is a copy of an e-mail I sent to Fox News.  I have no illusions that it will matter to them, but I want them to know that not everyone who watches them mindlessly swallows the pap they dish … Continue reading

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Making Sense Of Propaganda

Moammar Gadhafi is a really bad guy.  But does that justify us going to war against him?  Remember Saddam Hussein?  He was a really bad guy and we went to war against him.  So, how are the people of Iraq … Continue reading

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The Super-Duper Bowl

Waking up with my first cup of coffee this morning and flipping through the channels, I came across a news anchor saying, “We all watched the Super Bowl yesterday and saw some interesting ads…”.  Well, I for one, didn’t!  Apparently, … Continue reading

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