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Tunnel To Somewhere or Paying For Our Dreams

Nothing They Plan To Do Will Be Impossible — Genesis 11:6 I enjoy old movies.  They have the stuff that dreams are made of.  Newer films, with computer animation and all the technical bells and whistles, often lack imaginative or … Continue reading

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Biblical Meekness And Authority

There’s a lot of confusion in today’s world about authority.  Do parents have authority over their children or does the State?  Do local communities have authority over their schools or does the federal government?  Does the Constitution have the ultimate … Continue reading

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The Emotional Impact Of Glen Campbell

[Taking another break from my usual fare (politics and religion), I thought I’d share some personal thoughts, brought on by Glen Campbell’s appearance on the Grammys.] Last night, before going to bed, I took a peek at the Grammys just … Continue reading

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I Don’t Like Those Guys

We live in a time of cultural crisis.  The freedoms I took for granted forty years ago are now in jeopardy.  Big government looms menacingly.  Many self-defined victims or “have-nots”, who think the Kool-Aid offered by the new tyranny is … Continue reading

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