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Belief In God, Religion In General And A Personal Testimony

Basic Assumptions Concepts that describe God vary from religion to religion.  Some religions have multiple gods.  Some religions don’t even include the concept of God in their dogma.  The numerous and divergent God concepts — whether from organized religions or … Continue reading

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Let Your Doubt Be A Good Thing

When a serious believer doubts his faith, it can be a good thing.  Doubting can test our faith, and testing can build it up, as long as our doubts don’t prevent us from acting in faith.  Romans 5:3-5 speaks of … Continue reading

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What’s On The Agenda?

Chris Matthews and other left-wing hacks blame conservative talk-radio hosts Michael Savage and Mark Levin for creating a “climate of hate” which led to the killings in Tucson.  The point they try to make is that “angry” rhetoric stirs up … Continue reading

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Don’t Think In Sound Bites

I agree with Barry Farber, in his 1/11/11 article, “Michael Savage is right!” when he describes “unskilled opportunists of the left” as resembling “those lamentable creatures — half-ape and half-football player — who stand there throwing idiotic hand-signals indicating their … Continue reading

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History In The Making

Today America witnessed history in the making.  For the first time since its ratification in 1789, the U.S. Constitution was actually read aloud in the House of Representatives by members of the 112th Congress.  Its seems as though the call … Continue reading

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“Our Gang”

Today (1/5/11) I notice TCM is airing “Our Gang” comedy shorts all day long.  Out of fondness for memorabilia, I watched an episode in which the enterprising youngsters earned money using their hand-made, “automated” shoe shine stand, complete with a … Continue reading

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