Check Your Facts. Check Your Sources.

Very few people question what they are told, at least what they are told by those who are supposed to know, those in authority, or who have credentials or credibility, those who are a trusted source of information.  CNN is that to many.  They are busy reporting that birthers are racist Obamaphobes because Obama’s birth certificate supposedly has been released for all to see.  It’s interesting who people are willing to believe.  If you are for Obama or opposed to any criticism of him or investigation into his past, then you agree with Anderson Cooper when he says all reasonable persons had the birth certificate problem cleared up years ago.  They’ve seen it, so obviously the birther movement is irrational and based on hate.  The only problem with that position is that none of the so-called birth certificates that have been released to the public have passed muster on being authentic.  There has been no credible, proven, authentic birth certificate released that documents Obama’s birth.

The fact that professional members of the media go on record, reporting Obama’s birth certificate to be genuine is a glaring example of their willingness to lie, and make up whatever stories they like, in order to deceive the public.  They are out to hoodwink you, propagandize you, control you.  And you are content to believe them, rather than examine the facts.  His birth certificate aside — Savage makes the point that Obama’s minions could phony up a convincing counterfeit document anyway —  isn’t it obvious that Obama has spent millions of dollars trying to prevent background information on him from becoming public knowledge?  Why is it he will not release his college records or his health records?  What is he trying to hide?

What do we hear from Obama’s defenders?  He has a right to privacy.  The public shouldn’t have the right to pry into his private life.  That’s a load of you-know-what.  He’s hiding his background because it would reveal things about him he does not want the public to know.  You know he’s hiding something.  He doesn’t want us to know what he studied or what kind of grades he got.  But also, he doesn’t want us to know his medical history.  On the surface, that seems like an insignificant, personal thing, but the truth goes way beyond that.  Education records and medical records can also reveal and corroborate his citizenship status.  They don’t want these records examined by the public, because they don’t want the facts known.  Obama has gone to great effort and expense to freeze or seal all of these records.  He does not want Americans to know the truth about him.

From the beginning, he has promulgated the approved story of his beginnings and he refuses to be open and honest with the American public, who has every right to examine the claims of their President.  The presumption that because he is the President we should not examine his life is preposterous.  Most American public figures realize that part of the job of being famous and powerful is opening your life to examination by others, particularly as a role model for future generations.   But Mr. Obama’s behavior, and that of his supporters, is more typical of someone who is trying to pull something over on an unsuspecting public.

The undeniable truth is that Obama’s presidency is strongly driven by Marxist, Leninist, Communist, Socialist values.  Those values are the driving values of the “Change” he campaigned for and has been working for.  That fact is clearly elucidated in Trickle Up Poverty.  It’s not just a radical, uninformed opinion.  The book is critically documented and backs up every statement with objective data.  The only persons who can’t accept what T.U.P. says are ideologues who refuse to be factually informed, and insist that Anderson Cooper and CNN are telling the truth because they say so.

But the undeniable truth is still rejected by those who are deceived.  They still believe that fossil fuels cause global warming.  If the LORD tarries, centuries from now they will think of such people the way we think of those who believe the world is flat or that it is hollow, containing yet another world inside.  They believe in pure fantasy.  When these New World Order changelings turn their brains off, regarding Obama’s past, they also seem to lose the ability to think critically in other areas.  Economically, Obama’s government has continued to increase spending on all fronts.  They criticized Bush for his government spending, deepening our debt and growing our deficit.  But Obama has outstripped Bush in all those areas.

Believe what you want about where Obama was born.  He’s doing a great job of trashing the Constitution and turning America into a Godless, Communist state.  Check your facts.  Check your facts.  Check your facts.

About retiredday

I am Michael D. Day, a regular, everyday guy -- retired. I stand for God-given freedom, which means I think for myself. I believe in being civil, because the Bible teaches that we should love our enemies. But I also believe in saying it how I see it, and explaining just why I see it that way, sort of like 2 Timothy 4:2.
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2 Responses to Check Your Facts. Check Your Sources.

  1. Jane says:

    The thing that struck me on the certificate is the word Kenya. The country did not become Kenya until 1963. Prior to that time it was British East Africa. Very Interesting huh?


    • retiredday says:

      Yes, that is interesting. In the “old days” journalists would be examining that kind of information instead of calling you a racist if you ask for documentation.


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