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We Need Good Scouts

I don’t know what put it in my mind, but I got to thinking about the Boy Scout Oath.  You can read it, along with an explanation of its meaning at: The Scout Oath On my honor I will … Continue reading

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Who Cares?

After the election I had a dream.  I was in the midst of many people who looked with either disdain or indifference at the plight of others.  Certain people suffered violence and death, while others did not.  It seemed quite … Continue reading

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Is It Worth Restoring?

Today, as I began my morning walk, a beautiful antique car drove past me.  It was one of those automobiles that’s impossible to miss.  It was immaculate and shiny.  I’m no aficionado of classic cars, but to me, it had … Continue reading

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American Leadership Must be Strong, Principled

(This article first appeared in American Clarion October 27, 2012.) We live in interesting times.  Stemming from the misapprehension that America is morally obligated to insure the so-called democratic freedoms of Libyans, we hastened to support their civil war.  And … Continue reading

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Does God Exist? – Part Three

Richard Dawkins’ argument that William Lane Craig is an “apologist for genocide” (see “Why I Refuse to Debate William Lane Craig” at is specious because it requires that the reliability of the concept of God’s existence be dependent upon … Continue reading

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Does God Exist? — Part Two

Everyone has his opinion.  And everyone has a right to his opinion.  But in an enlightened world, we should not be content to simply vilify our opponents or rant like Yosemite Sam.  The confluence of opposing opinions should invite informed … Continue reading

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