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Screaming At The Television

I tend to yell at the TV a lot, especially when the news is on.  My loud voice upsets my wife, who says she worries I’ll have a stroke or heart attack. I’m not an intolerant person. I understand everyone … Continue reading

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The Collapse Of The U.S.A.

According to “CBO: Without Action, National Debt Will Exceed GDP in 2021”, an article appearing in today’s International Business Times, “The national debt will surge to 101% of U.S. GDP, a measure of the economy’s size, in 2021, the CBO … Continue reading

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Leadership, Opinion Polls And The Constitution

I haven’t written any posts of my own lately. I’ve been on vacation. But wanted to share the following article from a leader in the Constitution Party, because both of the BIG TWO — Republicans and Democrats — have stalled … Continue reading

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And The Weiner is …

Polls show voter approval of Congress taking a nose dive, but as long as voters keep electing representatives like Anthony Weiner, what hope is there for the future of America? Voters seem to ask two personal questions when they choose … Continue reading

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Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance

Today my brother-in-law forwarded me link to a video of Red Skelton speaking on the Pledge of Allegiance. It can be viewed in many different locations.  Here is one link: I had seen the video previously, but as I … Continue reading

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