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In The Navy

Last month the U.S.S. Fitzgerald, a modern, state-of-the-art destroyer, was involved in a collision at sea with a cargo ship. The Fitzgerald suffered tens of millions of dollars worth of damage and seven sailors died. The U.S. Navy, U.S. Coastguard … Continue reading

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Truth, Greatness And Netanyahu

Greatness in statesmanship is a rare commodity. Not every generation is blessed to know a truly great statesman. Those who have never seen greatness in a leader have no idea of how to identify or measure greatness in their own … Continue reading

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We Need Good Scouts

I don’t know what put it in my mind, but I got to thinking about the Boy Scout Oath.  You can read it, along with an explanation of its meaning at: The Scout Oath On my honor I will … Continue reading

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American Leadership Must be Strong, Principled

(This article first appeared in American Clarion October 27, 2012.) We live in interesting times.  Stemming from the misapprehension that America is morally obligated to insure the so-called democratic freedoms of Libyans, we hastened to support their civil war.  And … Continue reading

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Extremism In The Defense Of Liberty

As the 2012 elections get closer and you think about what qualities to look for in leaders you can believe in and vote for, consider the issue of war: what it means to you and what kinds of attitudes about … Continue reading

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Fly The Flag At Half-Staff

Back in January President Obama ordered that flags be flown at half-staff for a week on public buildings, grounds and military installations, to honor those killed in the Arizona shooting. Six people had been killed, including a federal judge and … Continue reading

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Where Are The Cowboys?

When I was young, westerns were really big — big in the movies and big on TV. But eventually the western faded in popularity, gradually being replaced by other genres. Western heros gave way to cops, martial artists, super heros, … Continue reading

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Leadership, Opinion Polls And The Constitution

I haven’t written any posts of my own lately. I’ve been on vacation. But wanted to share the following article from a leader in the Constitution Party, because both of the BIG TWO — Republicans and Democrats — have stalled … Continue reading

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