Of Christ the LORD

The song you sing is sifting through your mind
for what you feel you have to find;
the melody, the yearning of your soul
to be complete, to be made whole.
You sing desire — the heartbeat of your life —
a moment’s calm amid your strife.
You struggle on to carry out the tune
and hope to see your prize won soon.

But when it’s done and breath is held in pause —
awaiting joy of the applause —
you’ll stand alone, before the greatest throne.
Another song that’s not your own
will fill your ears and heaven’s boundless space.
And those who know His perfect grace
and perfect joy, in chorus then will sing
the praises of their risen King.

I, too, once sang of reaching out to share,
of future hope and present care.
Yet I was bound by chains of my own pride,
by emptiness, contained inside.
No others heard the lonely cry within,
kept hidden with the pain of sin.
No song of mine could touch or free or fill
the brokenness of heart and will.

I was alone, beside the pit of black;
in darkness, nothing echoed back.
There, face to face, I met impending death
and trembled in my heart and breath.
My life was done. It was the final hour.
I had no song. I had no power.
Yet in that hour a sound so faintly stirred;
Its song upon the wind I heard.

Just then I felt this wind rush to and fro.
I could not see where it would blow.
I only knew that I could hear its sound
and it was free, but I was bound.
For so it is with those of Spirit birth:
Though earthly flesh will die on earth,
new life and song are moving as the wind;
from death to life, they enter in.

“Lord God!” I cried, “I give myself to you
and choose to stand for what is true,
that I may turn from sinfulness to live.”
And He was faithful to forgive.
Then as I stretched my heart to God above,
I loved Him as I felt His love
shine on and through me as a holy light,
dispelling darkness from the night.

Emmanuel breathed new life into me!
His Spirit bore the windsong free.
He filled my being more than I could bear,
Till heart and mouth spilled forth in prayer.
For God, in love, forgives repented sin.
He dies to self who lives in Him
and has His joy — His perfect music — sound
within his heart when Truth is found.

And so this windsong also may be yours;
in harmony, your spirit soars
to celebrate, when His great judgement’s done,
the sharing of the victory won.
And on the day your heart makes God its choice,
the angels each shall lift their voice
to join in song. All heaven will resound!
For one was lost, but now is found.



©  Michael D. Day  —  1980

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