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Tunnel To Somewhere or Paying For Our Dreams

Nothing They Plan To Do Will Be Impossible — Genesis 11:6 I enjoy old movies.  They have the stuff that dreams are made of.  Newer films, with computer animation and all the technical bells and whistles, often lack imaginative or … Continue reading

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Stuff And Nonsense Wins The Day

Obama and his party line faithfuls want to solve our problems by raising the debt limit so that they can borrow more money to finance more spending on bigger government programs. Their rationale is that the good life should be … Continue reading

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The Collapse Of The U.S.A.

According to “CBO: Without Action, National Debt Will Exceed GDP in 2021”, an article appearing in today’s International Business Times, “The national debt will surge to 101% of U.S. GDP, a measure of the economy’s size, in 2021, the CBO … Continue reading

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Leadership, Opinion Polls And The Constitution

I haven’t written any posts of my own lately. I’ve been on vacation. But wanted to share the following article from a leader in the Constitution Party, because both of the BIG TWO — Republicans and Democrats — have stalled … Continue reading

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