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They Weren’t On Good Terms

I was recently asked to pray about the death of a woman’s sister. I had not known the person who died, but because the tragic circumstances of this family’s loss are all too common, I feel compelled to write on … Continue reading

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Just Imagine: President Gingrich

Dear Republican voters, Last night, as I guessed, there was no big expose on Obama, as one of those forwards from a “reliable source” warned. What with the play offs and American Idol, who would have been watching? Don’t hold … Continue reading

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“Nothing’s Gonna Change My World.”

A lifetime ago The Beatles sang, “Nothing’s gonna change my world”. It was part of the mantra-like chorus to their song, “Across the universe”. Today the opening lyrics strike me with a singular sadness: Words are flowing out like endless … Continue reading

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My Tomato Adventure

[When I originally posted this, I was unaware that “Tomato Adventure” was the name of a video game, the name of another blog, and who knows what else. My post is in no way intended to refer to any other … Continue reading

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