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In The Dark

When a respected reporter used video from her cell phone in covering a presidential visit, her name was stricken from the approved list of journalists.  Read the article at http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/bronstein/detail?entry_id=87978 This is an intelligently written article from a very liberal … Continue reading

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Long Awaited Long Form

Just hours after I posted “Check Your Facts.  Check Your Sources.”  The White House released Obama’s long form birth certificate, in a move to finally lay to rest the troublesome question of the President’s birth.  Most irksome to me was … Continue reading

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Check Your Facts. Check Your Sources.

Very few people question what they are told, at least what they are told by those who are supposed to know, those in authority, or who have credentials or credibility, those who are a trusted source of information.  CNN is that … Continue reading

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