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Don’t Vote For Democrats Or Republicans

Making a new year’s resolution is one of those traditions anyone can do. It’s personal. It’s your business and no one else needs to know — kind of like voting. You go into the booth, do your thing, and afterwards, … Continue reading

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Ready For Christmas?

Ah, Christmas! What can be said that hasn’t already been said a million times? Well, I’m one of those guys who gets the holiday blues. My personal response to Christmas is ambivalent. Yes, there are “warm” memories about Christmas, probably … Continue reading

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Faith And Works Revisited

There has been some interest in “Faith vs Works”, posted July 2010. Most readers have responded with concepts like “Sola Fide” (saved by faith alone) and “Faith without works is dead” so firmly cemented in their minds they are prevented … Continue reading

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Extremism In The Defense Of Liberty

As the 2012 elections get closer and you think about what qualities to look for in leaders you can believe in and vote for, consider the issue of war: what it means to you and what kinds of attitudes about … Continue reading

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