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Seeking Unity

 (based on 1 Corinthians 1:10-17) According to Chuck Smith’s commentary, despite their giftedness, the church at Corinth was rife with carnality. This tells us giftedness does not equal spirituality. Realizing this fact should motivate us to submit to one another … Continue reading

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Do Christians Condemn The LGTBQ Community?

(First published in 2015 under the title, “Why do you condemn us?”) I’ve heard a lot of people say that Christians condemn others who don’t share their Biblical morals. When issues such as same-sex marriage are debated, a common accusation … Continue reading

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Let’s Not Lose Our Heads

On June 26th an article appeared in Stars And Stripes (the newspaper “authorized for publication by the Department of Defense for members of the military community”) which reported on US personnel in Bahrain being required to abide by Ramadan practices. … Continue reading

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Abby Sunderland

What most people don’t understand is there are very few individuals in this world who are willing to risk anything  to achieve a goal.  Most people want safety above all.  Yet we are all beholden to those few risk-takers because … Continue reading

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