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Check Your Facts. Check Your Sources.

Very few people question what they are told, at least what they are told by those who are supposed to know, those in authority, or who have credentials or credibility, those who are a trusted source of information.  CNN is that … Continue reading

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College Tuition 45 Years Ago

TUP (Trickle Up Poverty) is full of gems.  One is on pages 245 and 246, in chapter 9, “School Daze: Eliminating the Propaganda Ministry”.  Savage paints a dramatic comparison of today’s education costs to what they were in 1965, the … Continue reading

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Juan Williams

Juan Williams has just learned that old-school liberalism is no longer welcome in globalist circles.  Because of my conservative views, I’ve always considered him a spokesman for the left.  But many on the left have accused him of conservative leanings, … Continue reading

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Get informed.  Read Trickle Up Poverty.  Every american voter needs to know the information in this book.  Remain ignorant at your own risk.

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Trickle Up Poverty

I pre-ordered a copy of Michael Savage’s Trickle Up Poverty (TUP) from Amazon and I’m hoping it comes today.  Savage said the most-asked question from people who interviewed him about the book was what did he think the outcome of … Continue reading

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