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What Does God Want Me To Do?

How can we be the best Christians we can be? What does total submission and dependence on God look like? Where do our own efforts come in to play? If being the best follower of Christ means we must focus … Continue reading

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Are You a Christian Zionist?

The other day I came across an article about the barbaric treatment of Africans trying to escape the repressive Islamic dictatorship of Eritrea (formerly part of Ethiopia).  Many have no choice but to flee to overcrowded U.N. refugee camps … Continue reading

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The Great Omission

Church Unity? A while back I received a request to sponsor a college student in a summer missions project.  I knew the student to be a Christian, and the missions project was part of the outreach program of the denomination … Continue reading

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Help In Time Of Need

14 months ago Haiti was devastated by a major earthquake.  Emergency rescue crews, medical teams and desperately needed supplies began to pour in from all over the world.  There seemed to be a universal desire in the hearts of people … Continue reading

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