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Most of us don’t like to think we can be fooled or manipulated into believing a lie. We go prepared to dig into the facts when we do such things as buying a car, buying insurance or finding the best … Continue reading

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What Is Success?

An article entitled, How the public views the secret to America’s success, was posted July 1, 2016 on the Pew Research Center web site . It focused on two views: “Reliance on principles” and “Ability to change” and used … Continue reading

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The Truth Will Out.

Probably my poorest habit in writing is that I tend to be overly wordy, posting articles that strain the attention span of most people.  The trend today is to write short pieces, so that readers may get in and get out quickly, … Continue reading

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What Is Truth?

I recently was surprised to hear someone I thought was a traditional Christian enthusiastically quote and endorse Mata Amritanandamayi (or Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, or just plain Amma), a guru in India. I wondered why a so-called Christian would look to … Continue reading

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Your Comments

Recently, I received a comment to one of my posts, consisting of the single sentence, “The only thing your article lacks is logic. :)”. As I considered responding, all I could think of was what Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac … Continue reading

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An Evil Spirit From God?

[UPDATE:  When I originally wrote this article, it was my intent to question the idea that   evil spirits can be in the direct service of God.  I still hold to the opinion that while evil spirits are subject to … Continue reading

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Don’t Think In Sound Bites

I agree with Barry Farber, in his 1/11/11 article, “Michael Savage is right!” when he describes “unskilled opportunists of the left” as resembling “those lamentable creatures — half-ape and half-football player — who stand there throwing idiotic hand-signals indicating their … Continue reading

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Religion Or Truth?

As a young person, the “outer trappings” of religion turned me off.  Rites and ceremonies are largely symbolic and traditional.  If you don’t understand the meaning of the symbolism or if you don’t relate to the traditions, then the rituals … Continue reading

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