I’ve seen it rendered academe



as if all well-read and written

well-thought and reasoned



known and understood

keepers of wisdom

stacked up like books

all arranged and catalogued

in one great, homogenous library

neat and intimidating…


awed, respected

quite accepted

in circles of social norms

whose broad foundations

connect deep

to the sinew of edifice.

These men of letters

these women of words

these well-versed

wise and studied

quoted, revered

robe-laden bearers

bent under bodies of knowledge

preserved and sealed,

these champions of expertise

these warriors of theory

these guardians

against the threatening flood of truth


ensconced in sand-bagged bastions

of relativity.

I nod my head in dutiful esteem

and sigh

as if caught in the beauty

of wind-blown leaves

resting against the headstone

of an ancient grave.


©  Michael Day  7/27/09

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