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English Literature And The Bible

In my first semester of college I was plunged into a deep and chilling pool of scholastic endeavor.  It was called English 1A, First Year Reading And Comprehension.  It was the Fall of 1963 at San Diego State.  I was … Continue reading

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Not Bothering To Vote?

Some commentators have said many voters will decide not to participate in November’s election.  If you are one of those voters, this article is written for you.  Rather than allowing yourself to be discouraged, please take a moment to reconsider. … Continue reading

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Big Party Politics Vs Third Party Ballot Access

From time to time I have spoken against the two-party system because of the essential threat to representational government by power politics.  Few people seem to grasp the reality of that threat. My point has been, and remains so, that … Continue reading

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