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The Unseen

Ever since I became a believer I’ve been bothered by the fact that Christians are divided along doctrinal lines.  One example of this division is disagreement about baptism.  There are lots of opinions about it.  A fairly comprehensive article on … Continue reading

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Free To Believe ~ Free To Speak

People believe what they want to.  And rare indeed is the person who changes his beliefs, once he’s settled on what’s his own.  That’s pretty much why most folks don’t spend much time examining or discussing their beliefs.  Everything’s already … Continue reading

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To Whom Much Is Given

It is apparent to me that fewer and fewer folks — even those who have been “educated” — really know or understand the Bible.  On June 1st Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, in a speech given to Princeton graduates, gave … Continue reading

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The ‘R’ Word

To me, the ‘R’ word is relationship, not religion.  But for the sake of discussion, let’s talk religion.  A recent Gallup poll indicates that many Americans feel religion is in decline, at a time when our nation needs more religious … Continue reading

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