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American college students are not the hope of our future. They are childish and irresponsible because they are taught to believe in a fantasy world. Rather than preparing young adults to become adept at navigating a life-course in the real … Continue reading

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Change Doesn’t Happen Over Night.

In 1976 — 37 years ago —  I received Christ, and began my life as a Christian.  In those days I had bought into the idea of the “new morality”.  That is, I thought marriage was old-fashioned and a failed … Continue reading

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Where Are The Cowboys?

When I was young, westerns were really big — big in the movies and big on TV. But eventually the western faded in popularity, gradually being replaced by other genres. Western heros gave way to cops, martial artists, super heros, … Continue reading

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Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance

Today my brother-in-law forwarded me link to a video of Red Skelton speaking on the Pledge of Allegiance. It can be viewed in many different locations.  Here is one link: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Free+Red+Skelton+Pledge+Allegiance&&view=detail&mid=C3F21A79E43638D8997CC3F21A79E43638D8997C&&FORM=VRDGAR I had seen the video previously, but as I … Continue reading

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