American Leadership Must be Strong, Principled

(This article first appeared in American Clarion October 27, 2012.)

We live in interesting times.  Stemming from the misapprehension that America is morally obligated to insure the so-called democratic freedoms of Libyans, we hastened to support their civil war.  And when Gaddafi was brutally and mercilessly murdered, our giddy Secretary of State casually gloated, “We came, we saw, he died.”   Less than one year later, our Ambassador and three other Americans were assassinated.  So much for meaningful foreign policy.

Globalists don’t like us saying, “foreign” because it flies in the face of their “We Are The World” cult philosophy.  So, since internationalism is supplanting our own nationalism, “foreign policy” is no longer guided by our national interests, but by the broader, more “noble” interests of the amorphous “global community”.  Americans are being pressured into considering the “Arab street” a meaningful part of that “community”.

There have been a slew of attacks on American embassies by angry Muslims demanding an end to insults against Muhammad.  Property is damaged and people are hurt — even killed — all because of those “blasphemous” insults.  And where do these insults come from?  From the speeches of American dignitaries or official foreign policy statements?  No.  Whether the insults are in the form of films, Koran burnings or books critical of Islam and Muhammad, they come from unofficial, private individuals.

What is it about this kind of insult that is so threatening to Muslims that they feel compelled to riot?  It is Islam’s utter intolerance of any free speech that questions the authority of Muhammad or his teachings.  Go to any Muslim nation where Sharia law is in force and you will see their harsh intolerance of non-compliance to Islamic laws and religious practices.  Now, that makes for an interesting sense of community.

Apparently, the American public is expected to accept this Muslim attitude that justifies the violence of Islamic extremists.  We’re supposed to think of them as “religious protests”.  These aren’t acts of war.  These aren’t attacks on our sovereignty.  They are simply exercising their right to freely express their outrage against American “insults”.  And apparently, Americans are supposed to be selectively deaf.  For some reason, when mobs are shouting, “Death to America”, we are not to consider that a threat.  It’s just an expression of religious zeal.

Under his Lordship Obama (OWHNI) America seems to be willing to go to war for all the wrong reasons.  If it’s war to help Libyans, Syrians, Egyptians or the like, we jump right in.  But never for a moment would we construe an attack on our embassy and the slaughtering of American diplomats as an act of war, which it is.  Instead, B.O. apologized for making the mobs so angry.  And because the Muslim culture sees the act of apologizing as an admission of guilt, he only made things worse.

In times like this, we need a President who demonstrates American strength, someone who clarifies and affirms our basic American values and publicly stands for those values.  I wondered what President Kennedy would have had to say, if he were alive today.  I imagine he might have said something along these lines: “Today America stands at a crossroads.  We must ask ourselves what is more important: the guarantee of freedom for all, based on mutual respect, or the repression of our freedom in order to appease those who threaten us.”

I don’t really know what Kennedy would say.  But I’m sure there are a growing number of folks who yearn to hear this kind of statement from our President.  If we cannot proudly stand up for our foundational beliefs such as freedom of speech, then America stands for nothing.  If Americans feel they must apologize to the world for every politically incorrect (diverse) opinion that offends Islam, then they shame the very freedoms that our founding fathers gave us, and they don’t deserve to call themselves Americans.

We need strong, principled leadership, leadership that demands protection of our embassies from host countries and acts swiftly to evacuate diplomatic staff when their safety cannot be guaranteed.  A strong leader doesn’t parse words in order to manipulate the definition of the word, “ally”.  A strong leader doesn’t toss off some excuse of an explanation for now, just to change his story later.  And we need a leader who is responsive to and accountable to his own constituency.  Why is it that we must fight to save the world while ignoring the needs of our own folks at home?

We are not citizens of the world!  Citizens have rights in a participatory government.  We are citizens of the United States of America.  But under globalism, we are becoming subjects, not citizens, because we must cow tow to “the greater good” of the “international community”, and only do what the big boys permit.  Unless we guard our national interests with vigilance, we will all become subjects of pan-Leninism.  The only thing that protects us is our Constitution — a Constitution that has no meaning or value to the “international community”.

Our government is willing to invest any amount of money and any number of American dead to fight wars in the middle east for the purpose of “nation building”.  Here in the United States we wonder why the government refuses to protect our own borders and the rights of our own citizens, while they fight for “democracy” for the citizens of other nations who don’t even comprehend basic democratic ideals, such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or equality under the law.

American foreign policy, based on the premise that we are the guardians of freedom for the world, is deceptively heroic and fatally flawed.  We didn’t become a “superpower” until the twentieth century.  After World War II, there was no need for us to be a superpower because supposedly the United Nations was going to ensure international peace.  How’s that been working out for us?  Starting with the fiasco in Korea, the United Nations has continued to prove its total ineptitude as a force for world peace.

According to William J. Federer, in “America Began as a God-Worshipping People” (, since the inception of the U.N. in 1945, “there have been over 100 million casualties in nearly 150 wars worldwide”.  It was the “Cold War” that spurred us to maintain our superpower status.  Because the Soviet Union posed a real threat to peace around the world, we had little choice.  But all that is old news.  Despite the collapse of the former Soviet Union, America has continued its superpower roll, fighting a string of wars in foreign countries.  The politicians always cite “national interests” as our motivation for entering these wars, but it seems to me there are always hidden economic agendas at play.

I keep hearing that America is the last remaining superpower.  But I suspect that is only wishful thinking.  During the second World War, we defeated the Axis powers in both Europe and the Pacific in only 4 years.  How long were we in Iraq?  Did we “win”?  How long will we be in Afghanistan?  What have we gained?  How long will we be able to continue maintaining military bases in places like Germany?  Is Europe not able to defend itself?  Why should we?  Our economy can’t keep this up much longer.  We are headed for collapse.  The Roman empire eventually fell, after years of pretending they were still a superpower.  We should be planning ahead, instead of playing the superpower game.

Our naval fleet is the smallest it’s been since World War I, and will continue to shrink.  Obama (OWHNI) made a ludicrous remark about horses and bayonets.  China, the proverbial elephant in the room, has been quietly building their military and continues to increase its naval fleet.  We, on the other hand, are not building ships fast enough to replace those we decommission.  The net effect is that our navy continues to shrink.  One day, not so far off in the future, it will dawn on everyone that China is the only real superpower.  By then, America will pretty much be sustaining itself on dreams of former glory.

So, what are we doing for our posterity now?  Do we inculcate the American principles of freedom that have attracted (legal) immigrants to our shores from every nation in the world?  No sir.  We simply try to sustain our superpower image while bowing down to and apologizing to third-rate governments in third world countries.  We are depleting our economy by giving billions of dollars in foreign aid to terrorist thugs abroad, while abusing our credit in order to live beyond our means at home — a debt that will come due one fateful day.

LORD, raise up righteous leaders!  Wake up the half of all qualified voters who don’t vote.  Freedom needs everyone’s vote.  And give us the wisdom we need to preserve our nation.  As a people, give us a heart of repentance and turn us around so that we will walk with you.  Forgive us LORD and lead us into life everlasting.


About retiredday

I am Michael D. Day, a regular, everyday guy -- retired. I stand for God-given freedom, which means I think for myself. I believe in being civil, because the Bible teaches that we should love our enemies. But I also believe in saying it how I see it, and explaining just why I see it that way, sort of like 2 Timothy 4:2.
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