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Not Bothering To Vote?

Some commentators have said many voters will decide not to participate in November’s election.  If you are one of those voters, this article is written for you.  Rather than allowing yourself to be discouraged, please take a moment to reconsider. … Continue reading

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Chain Letter Blues

Chain letters bug me. They hold some mystic power over some people, which annoys me because these are good people ,who are being duped. This is my response to one such email. I hope it helps. Please, people, don’t get … Continue reading

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Election Results

In the county where I live, a whopping 42.5% of the registered voters made the effort yesterday to participate in representative government.  Obviously, the “will of the people” here is to remain uninvolved in government.  But who knows why?  The … Continue reading

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Qualified Voters

I’ve never been able to understand low voter turnout.  A 50% voter turnout means that half of the qualified voters actually voted.  So, what is a “qualified voter”?  It’s a legal term which every state defines by statute, based on … Continue reading

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