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Juan Williams

Juan Williams has just learned that old-school liberalism is no longer welcome in globalist circles.  Because of my conservative views, I’ve always considered him a spokesman for the left.  But many on the left have accused him of conservative leanings, … Continue reading

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“Freedom’s Just Another Word”

Why is it that freedom has become so de-valued in America?  Is it because, like the old saw, we have simply taken it for granted?  Are we just too busy having fun with all our toys?  Are we just dumbed-down … Continue reading

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Does Ridding Ourselves of Obama Solve Our Problems?

On July 28th Obama was interviewed on “The View”.  The next day, Sam Youngman wrote an article entitled, “President Obama calls African-Americans a ‘mongrel people’”, which was published in “The Hill”.  One of the comments made by readers reveals an … Continue reading

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