The Truth Will Out.

Probably my poorest habit in writing is that I tend to be overly wordy, posting articles that strain the attention span of most people.  The trend today is to write short pieces, so that readers may get in and get out quickly, without getting bogged down in too many details.

A brother in Christ, and someone I have great respect for has suggested that my emails to him would suffice as posts.  So here goes…

This is what I emailed to my friend regarding this article and its comments:

Many years ago in my first church experience, a young man who sang in the quartet I was in, left to go to college. He had struggled with homosexuality as a teen, but seemed to have put it behind him. But at college he got back into the lifestyle, this time really committing to it and announcing to everyone his decision. I wrote him a loving letter pointing out Scripturally the error of his ways (He still claims to be a Christian.). He wrote me back citing several of those skewed, deceived interpretations of Scripture, and I realized his self justification was beyond my reasoning. So, I shook the dust off my feet and ended all communication with him.

Fast forward to a few years ago. I came across some sites of gays claiming to be Christian, one in particular written by a theologically “trained” fellow with a doctorate who spouted the same deceived errors. I launched into a rebuttal to refute the error of these people who refuse to acknowledge their sin as sin, writing several drafts of more than 3,000 words before I finally decided to shelve the idea. The experience of doing the research and contending with their twisted “reasoning” left me feeling dirty, sick and under attack.

My original desire was to show the error of their interpretations. But after several encounters on-line with commenters (trolls) aggressively pushing the LGBTQ line, I began to feel that they would never be open to listening to any reasoning that put their rationalization in jeopardy. Their minds are so polluted, their attitudes are so distorted, that they simply choose darkness over light. That’s why I was so touched by Patti Height’s testimony [included in the article]. The Holy Spirit can cut through all that garbage. Jesus is the light, and he shines and the darkness cannot hide him.

As far as finding articles that refute their error, the internet is decidedly slanted toward liberal doxies, but sound Biblical scholarship still refutes their lies with the truth. The political/legal arm of the LGBTQ agenda is adamant, aggressive and prolific. Many are swayed by their deception. But the truth will out.

About retiredday

I am Michael D. Day, a regular, everyday guy -- retired. I stand for God-given freedom, which means I think for myself. I believe in being civil, because the Bible teaches that we should love our enemies. But I also believe in saying it how I see it, and explaining just why I see it that way, sort of like 2 Timothy 4:2.
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2 Responses to The Truth Will Out.

  1. messiah gate says:

    Short and sweet. Wish I could write like that. Facebook and Twitter have shortened people’s already short spans of attention.


  2. mc the blue says:

    Studying sin is a difficult process for someone who is saved. I make an analogy to, for example, a documentary filmmaker who spends years building a piece on drug users or human trafficking or other socially reprehensible practice. Now take that heavy weight of disgust, and add the heavier weight of a conscientious Christian’s spiritual struggle against sin.

    I think there’s a reason we don’t see diatribes against sin in Scripture by any particular author, but have to build them ourselves through study across many books and sources. No one would truly enjoy an endeavor that involves subsuming oneself into that kind of filth, and except for a few places here and there (mostly in prophecy) the Spirit didn’t .require any authors to spend much time. The ones who did, oh their pain! Read Ecclesiastes and Jeremiah/Lamentations again for some fun times there. Although I submit that the one who does such a study with our completed canon today gains a greater appreciation of the infinite burden that Christ took upon Himself: condescending from perfectly righteous deity to human death as a criminal, in contact with ALL of the sin of all mankind.

    In a more direct response to your blog post, recall Rom 1:18-32. The wanton filth of today’s world is a consequence of wide-spread and generational rejection of the truth and of God. This passage implies that men are willingly self-blinded by saying there is no God, and only THEN does God, as a gentlemen, turn them over to the lusts of their flesh. At first Paul goes on a spree against homosexuality, as we see in our modern times. But he then expands on this that all kinds of evil become the daily filling of those who will not turn. I would argue that what we’re seeing today is the natural consequence of 100 years of rejection by the western world, ever since Darwinism really took off. After generations and generations, I look around and I say OF COURSE we see gay marriage and political divisiveness and class warfare and obsession with celebrity and the garbage of the media and so on. It’s no surprise at all!


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