Just Imagine: President Gingrich

Dear Republican voters,

Last night, as I guessed, there was no big expose on Obama, as one of those forwards from a “reliable source” warned. What with the play offs and American Idol, who would have been watching? Don’t hold your breath for one, either. What can be known about the misadventures of Obama is out there for all to see. Yet it’s mainly ignored. There is not going to be a dramatic rescue of our nation. Don’t expect the cavalry to come charging in to save the day.

And as bad as I think Obama is, he, alone is not the problem. The American People are the problem. We, the unwashed masses, need to raise up our heads and demand the leadership we deserve. The Democrats have been hard at work making changes they believe in. And I don’t know what the Republicans have been doing… nothing that makes them seem any different than the Democrats. They’re both strong on globalism and weak on issues of national sovereignty. They both have allowed the constitution to be eroded, misinterpreted and ignored.

What I’ve been ignoring are the almost two dozen Republican Presidential debates, because to me they’re irrelevant. But out of curiosity, I watched the beginning of the one in South Carolina. I was immediately aware of the glitzy, show biz way the candidates were being presented. Where was the gravity? Where was the dignity? Where was the presence of authentic leadership? It wasn’t there. It was all phony hoopla. Gingrich started things off by blasting the media for bringing his past marital problems into a Presidential debate. Everyone seemed to love it. He knows how to use the media. With Gingrich, it’s all playing the game. For an article on how Gingrich uses the media, see:


Beyond that, the liberal journalist who asked the questions (Why should that be done by a journalist? Aren’t the politicians answerable to American voters? Shouldn’t ALL the questions be asked by the voters?) I noticed almost every question this journalist asked was about what kind of government programs would they offer to change things. Although some of the candidates gave answers which implied they were opposed to new government programs, none of them actually came out and said that that is how liberals try to solve problems: come up with more programs that cost more money. But that doesn’t represent conservative thought. Conservatism believes in smaller government, which means reducing programs. Conservatives believe that the government can help citizens by getting out of the way: less regulation, less taxation. Republicans are failing to represent true conservatism to the voters.

It’s not that Gingrich is a RINO. He’s a Republican alright. He’s just not a conservative. He’s part of the status quo. He is an opportunist who is willing to play ball with the leftists. The one thing he is good at (public speaking) tends to make people ignore his record. If americans vote for Gingrich, we’ll simply have more of the same, the only exception being you might like what the President says (like “Drill here. Drill now.” — remember that? Nothing happened. But people sure liked his blah blah blah.) Remember last election? McCain was another guy who went along to get along. Candidates like McCain and Gingrich belong to the power brokers. They are part and parcel of the internationalist, elitist, big government proponents who have no vision to recapture the American dream and reverse the damage that big government has done.

A side note on the primary system: States with early primaries vote on a relatively large slate of candidates. Along the way, candidates drop out for lack of funds and the slate of candidates dwindles. Perhaps you were disappointed when your early favorite dropped out. It is intrinsically unfair to the voters in states with later primaries. Only the earlier primaries have a real choice. The later ones get stuck with fewer choices. This, of course, is the product of the political party system. There’s nothing in the constitution that says it has to be done that way. Nor is there anything in the constitution that says you either have to vote for a Republican or a Democrat. You do have other options.

The prevailing attitude among Republicans seems to be, “Anyone but Obama.” And then they think everything will be better. But I can remember an equally irresponsible attitude during the last Presidential election campaign. Remember the bumper sticker, “Anyone but Hillary”? The truth is, “Anyone” is always the wrong choice. It takes more than the leadership of “Anyone” to move this nation away from the brink of disaster. Our President needs to be a Somebody who believes in Something.

If we are to keep this republic, as Ben Franklin challenged, the American People must assert their power, by voting honestly — that means true to your conscience. If you are depending upon the strength of your political party which is not representing your values, then you are already “wasting” your vote. The Republican Party by and large has abandoned conservatism and nationalism. They don’t represent you. Why not try voting for candidates who genuinely believe in conservative values? Please consider the Constitution Party. Your future depends on it.

About retiredday

I am Michael D. Day, a regular, everyday guy -- retired. I stand for God-given freedom, which means I think for myself. I believe in being civil, because the Bible teaches that we should love our enemies. But I also believe in saying it how I see it, and explaining just why I see it that way, sort of like 2 Timothy 4:2.
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