When National Interests Collide With The Global Community

So, let me get this straight.  If I oppose illegal immigration, I’m a racist.  If I support the idea of giving the authority to law enforcement officials to demand proof of citizenship or legal residency to individuals suspected of criminal behavior I’m supporting racial profiling, which is racist.

Let me tell you, anyone who agrees with such accusations is utterly stupid!  You have drunk the globalist koolaid and you are incapable of critical thought.

For all the Al Sharptons and Connie Macks who refer to Arizona’s decision to protect American citizens from the criminal and fiscal burdens dumped on them from illegal aliens as racial profiling or something out of Nazi Germany, all I have to say is too bad you are so ignorant.

What is racial profiling?  Stopping someone because they fit the racial description of certain lawbreakers?  But what does Arizona’s new law do?  It allows law enforcement officials to demand identification from SUSPECTED CRIMINALS.  If they are indeed found to be illegal aliens, are they carted off to concentration camps?  Are they tortured or shot?  No.  They are deported to their own country.  Oh, what a terrible, Nazi thing to do!  Guess what?  If they are found to be here legally, they are treated like every other criminal suspect.

Why is it that these fanatics on the left love suspected criminals but hate American law enforcement officers?  Why?  Why should illegals be given any of the rights or privileges that are due to citizens and LEGAL RESIDENTS?

This globalism has to stop.  It’s ridiculous.  The United States of America is being singled out, in an effort to completely dismantle our society, our history, our government, our traditions and most of all, our freedom.

If you weren’t so stupid — you idiots who think everyone deserves to live in America and should have Constitutional rights without having to obey our laws — you might actually think about the fact that ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD, taken together, don’t accept as many LEGAL immigrants as we do!  We are already the most welcoming, most compassionate nation in the world!  Why the hell should we accept even one more illegal alien?  We are already doing more than our fair share!  Let all those who would come to this country begin by RESPECTING OUR LAWS!

And the worst part is that our own federal government doesn’t respect our laws.  They certainly refuse to support the enforcement of our laws.  In fact, Arizona’s new law is basically the same as standing federal laws, except that Arizona says it will actually enforce the law.  That’s a whole lot better than the international socialist pigs who currently reside in Congress and do everything they can to ignore the enforcement of laws that protect us as a sovereign nation.

They are covered in the filth of their own shame and don’t know it.  They are a mockery of all that is good and decent.  To them, the law is just a game to play in order to get your own way.  But one day they will be stopped short. One day justice will be served.  One day the stupid idiots will be held accountable for their stupidity.

And on that day, if I am no longer living on Earth, I will shout from heaven, “I praise you God for your faithfulness, your wisdom and your loving kindness!”


About retiredday

I am Michael D. Day, a regular, everyday guy -- retired. I stand for God-given freedom, which means I think for myself. I believe in being civil, because the Bible teaches that we should love our enemies. But I also believe in saying it how I see it, and explaining just why I see it that way, sort of like 2 Timothy 4:2.
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